About The Members

Hannes de Beer has been Managing Director with HNJ Financial Solutions since incorporation during July 2015. The need to work independently is what inspired him to form this firm, with the motivation on creating an organization with the primary focus on making other people’s businesses successful and profitable.

Hannes’ career commenced at an early age spanning across a vast variety of industries and finance sectors gaining valuable experience in accounting, tax and audit work for small, medium and large owner-managed entities.

Hannes has grabbed at any opportunity to study at various institutions through correspondence to ultimately graduate with a Management Accounting BCom. degree and subsequent post-grad certifications as Professional Accountant with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants and Business Accountant in Practice with the South African Institute of Business Accountants. The immense exposure to national, as well as international tax standards and requirements, has resulted in Hannes also holding the status registered Professional Tax Practitioner with SARS.

Hannes has spent a couple of years in the United Kingdom where he held positions such as External Tax Accountant, Reconciliation Accountant and Management Accountant with some well-known entities such as CIT Bank and Chubb Insurance.

After his return he was based in Gauteng where he gained further experience as Internal Auditor. Longing for a place to call home, he relocated to Cape Town to settle down.

Hannes quickly progressed within his career, where some of his most recent roles included Finance Director for an events

company as well as Financial Manager at South Africa’s largest national child care NPO.

Hannes’ client portfolio includes audit and review exposure throughout his career, accounting, and tax services for small to medium businesses (SME's) and consulting to high net worth individuals and companies. These include clients in various sectors of the economy, including FMCG, NPO, Insurance Services, Manufacturing, Wholesalers and Retailers, Information Technology, Events and Hospitality.


Hannes interacts with integrity with others in such a way that gives them confidence in their intentions and those of their organization.

He is driven by initiative and takes action to achieve goals, thus generating creative solutions for any situation. He continuously tries different and novel ways to deal with your organizational problems and opportunities with the ability to develop new ideas and solutions on the go - a complete self-starter rather than accepting anything passive.

He does not limit challenges he is faced with, but rather challenge the limitations.

He strives to develop his individual skills and competencies by planning effective development activities relating to current and future legislation, thus building his financial and business talent.

His attention to detail is of the highest level.

Consideration is given to all aspects of the job and accurately checking processes and tasks while maintaining focus over a period of time. He considers alternative courses of action that are based on logical assumptions and factual information whilst taking into account resources, constraints and organizational values consequent making appropriate choices while considering situations, issues and people involved.

His business acumen understanding and utilization of economic, financial and industry data to accurately diagnose business strengths and weaknesses creates results, identify key issues and develop strategies and plans, achieving desirable outcomes for his clients.

His vision for HNJ Financial Solutions is that the firm provides the right service to our clients at the right price and that we meet our clients’ expectations regarding quality and timing.

Further Skills

Understanding of IFRS, Companies Act, Auditing Profession Act, International Auditing Standards, and Income Tax Act

Advanced analytical and problem solving ability

Understanding of business issues and business rescue

Strong leadership qualities

Professional Memberships

SAIPA (South African Institute of Professional Accountants)

SAIBA (South African Institute of Business Accountants)

SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Professionals)

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)


Sage One Certified Adviser

QuickBooks Pro

Quick Payroll

VIP Payroll


Microsoft Excel Advance

Strategic Decision Making